Chair Yoga Poses and Their Benefits

Yoga has been around for decades and has been proven to be effective both physically and mental health benefits. Another type of yoga that you can do is the chair yoga which also has numerous benefits to offer. This is especially helpful to those who are battling with being overweight as the chair yoga can be done hug and twist. Wherever you are without any hassle. Since we tend to spend most of our days sitting down, doing some limbering exercises and stretches can do us a world of good. Here are some examples of chair yoga poses that you can do as well as their benefits.

Chair raised hands

This is the perfect pose when you are doing warm-ups because your spine gets stretched out in time for the more difficult poses. To execute this pose, you should reach your arms as well as your fingertips up so that they are all pointing toward the ceiling. Inhale as you extend your arms. You should then drop your shoulder blades and make sure that your back remains straight so that both your upper and back muscles are triggered.

Hug and twist

As the name suggest, this yoga pose means that you will be in a hugging position. To do this pose, cross your right arm over the left then turn your navel from the left all the way to the right. Do this for five breaths then hold. Release your arms as you inhale. Now exhale and hug yourself once more with the other arm on top. Alternate your arms as you continue with this yoga pose. What you can get out of this pose is that it stretches the back, maintains your spine, and strengthens your core.

Chair forward bend

This yoga pose puts more emphasis on the lower back as well as the core which means that you can do this immediately after you have done your warm up. As you exhale, bend forward slowly until your head is close between the knees as much as you can while keeping your hands loose at your sides and near the floor as possible. On inhale, sit yourself back up slowly while raising your hands overhead. Make sure that you do this pose slowly to prevent blood rushing to your head which can make you feel lightheaded.

Opposite arm and leg lift

As the name suggests, you will be lifting one arm and the opposite leg to execute this pose. Make sure that you start this pose with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. On inhale, bend and raise your right knee with your foot flexed while reaching your left arm in front of you with your palm facing upwards. As you exhale, lower your right leg and left arm. Inhale while lifting your left knee and right arm. This completes one rep. You should do 10 to 20 reps for this exercise. What you’ll get out of this yoga pose is stronger quadriceps with your arms and hips being activated. Flexing your foot helps stretch it while strengthening your ankles too.

Chair cat-cow stretch

If you want to make your spine more flexible, this seated cat-cow stretch is going to be good for you. Place hands on your knees while you are seated. As you inhale, arch your back slowly then shrug your shoulders up and down in a controlled manner. On exhale, push your spine back while pushing your chin towards the chest. Your head and shoulders should be pushed forward at this point.

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