Butterbur and Its Benefits

Butterbur is a type of ground plant that, although it is related to the bright, yellow sunflowers, you will find that it has a different structure and comes with a unique blend of chemicals that make it highly sought after in terms of health uses. This particular plant has been around for centuries, with the leaves and its stems being used for several types of treatments. The rhizomes contain high concentrations of alkaloids which can be toxic when they are not prepared properly. Keep this in mind when searching for butterbur extracts.

Benefits of Butterbur

When butterbur is prepared correctly, it can provide you with a host of health benefits that you are sure to enjoy. Here are some notable health benefits to be gained with this herbal plant.

Treats common cold

One of the benefits that you can get from butterbur is that it can actually help make your colds disappear. This is because butterbur works like an expectorant so that any phlegm or mucus that are building up in your nasal passages and respiratory tract. By eliminating the two, you are actually preventing bacteria from forming so your colds won’t form.


Another benefit that is linked to butterbur is that it is actually useful in treating migraines and headaches. Butterbur extract has been found to be the preferred choice for banishing migraines around the world. There are two chemical compounds present in butterbur namely isopetasin and petasin which are known to minimize the severity as well as the duration of migraines. Consult with an herbalist first prior to using this herb to treat migraine attacks.

Alleviates pain and spasms

You will find that butterbur is quite useful in treating pain and spasms because of their pain-relieving and antispasmodic properties. You can use butterbur extract when  you are suffering from chronic pain, tremors, healing from an injury or illness, or even irritable bowels. This extract will make you feel better in no time.

Treats allergies

There are some people whose allergic reactions can be quite severe. Spending a few minutes outside when the pollen count is high can already leave them sneezing violently. This symptom is often brought about by histamines being released in the body when there is a foreign substance present even when it doesn’t cause any harm. Butterbur, on the other hand, is an anti-histamine which means that it can prevent or at least reduce the symptoms of your allergic reaction. You can use a butterbur extract to making your allergic reaction less.

Lowers fevers

It appears that butterbur can also be useful in keeping fevers at bay or at least making them disappear. One reason behind this is that this herb contains anti-inflammatories and can even boost your immune system.

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