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Bullet Journal for Your Health

Are you having a hard time keeping your weight in check or perhaps you want to stay healthy and fit as much as possible? Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to be in the best of health, using a journal may just be the thing you need to keep track of your progress and be able to stick with it as well.

Using a bullet journal for your health is actually a good idea because you will be able to monitor your workouts, your diet, and even write motivational quotes so you can continue with your fitness routine. The question many  are asking, however, is how to use a bullet journal for their health. Well, here are some tips to follow.

  • Think about what you really want to do. Having a bullet journal is actually an amazing experience as you have complete freedom on how you want to design your journal and what to write as well. For sure, you’ve already checked out various journal ideas and are feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. So before you completely lose interest, you should take a step back and really think on what you are going to write about. If this is for your health, you might want to focus more on your diet and workout programs.
  • Bullet journals are fluid. This is in the sense that you can practically write whatever it is that you want. For example, if you’ve been focusing on your diet for the month, you can jot down the meals you have taken, the amount of food that you’ve been consuming, the kinds of food that you buy and so on. Reviewing the information that you have can give you an idea on what to change and what to keep in your daily diet.
  • Track your progress. Like it was mentioned before, you can use your bullet journal to keep an eye on your overall health. You can draw a schedule for the week where you jot down the exercise that you have done, how many sets you’ve managed, and how you felt afterwards. This will give you a much better perspective on your progress.
  • Inspire yourself. It’s true that staying fit is not going to be easy and that there will be days when you just want to toss everything and go back to your usual habits. This is why it is always a good idea to decorate your journal with some motivational quotes. You can even put up your own fitspiration if you like, anything that will keep you going.
  • Don’t overthink, just start. With all the creative ideas out there when it comes to bullet journal for health, you might be wondering what works best for you or scare you to actually start writing on your journal. Whatever you do, just start writing on your journal so you will be able to get a good start in your fitness goal. You might be surprised how this habit is actually a good one to cultivate especially when you need to keep your focus on staying healthy.
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