Fitness How to Build Strong and Flexible Feet

How to Build Strong and Flexible Feet

Over the years, shoe manufacturers have created a technology where shoes are designed to help control our feet better to avoid aches and pains. Unfortunately, wearing these kinds of shoes are preventing our joints as well as soft tissues to articulate properly. This is why our feet feel disconnected from the rest of our body. Fortunately, you can bring back strong and flexible feet with a few exercises. Do these daily and you will see a massive improvement on your feet in no time.

Toe Fan 

Stand straight with your feet a few inches apart. Lift your toes then lower them back down. Make sure that your pinkie toe  can rise to the same level as your big toe. You should do this four times. As you lift your toes up, make sure to spread them apart as wide as you can as if you are opening a fan. This should be done four times too. 

Tennis Ball Massage 

Another way to build strong and flexible feet is by doing a tennis ball massage. Stand beside a wall so you can place your hand on it for support. Place one foot on a tennis ball. Roll the ball under your foot while putting enough weight on it so you can get a good massage. Make sure that you massage your entire foot, even your toes. Focus too on the soles of your feet, the arches, and the ball too. 

Great Toe Down 

In this exercise, raise your toes off the floor. Now press your big toes down to the floor then back up. You should do this 8 times. Repeat with the pinkie toes for another 8 reps. Alternate your big toes and pinky toes another 8 times. 

Toe Stretch 

Another exercise that you can do to make your toes more flexible is the toe stretch. In this workout, expand the toes on one foot as far as you can manage. Insert a finger between each toe. Hold this for ten seconds then release. Repeat on the other foot. Hold it for another ten seconds. This will help stretch and relax your toes at the same time. 

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Rock Out 

You should also exercise your ankles as much as you can to help loosen them up. To do this workout, rock onto the outer edge of your feet then rock towards the inner edge. This will help loosen up your ankles. This strength exercise for the ankles can reduce injuries in the future. 

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Toe Grip 

Here’s another exercise that you should try out if you want to strengthen your feet. Place a pencil in front of your foot and try to pick it up using one foot. Hold the pencil for 10 seconds then release. Let the other foot pick it up and hold it for another 10 seconds. 

These are just a few examples of exercises that can strengthen your feet and make them flexible too in the long run. Repeat these daily and you will see a significant improvement for sure.

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