Healthy Picks Boost the Health Benefits of Turmeric by Combining It...

Boost the Health Benefits of Turmeric by Combining It With This Spice

Turmeric is the one that gives curry its fantastic color. If you frequent health-related sites on the internet, then you know by now that turmeric offers an impressive assortment of health benefits. However, there may be something about this spice that you may not know yet, and that is its effects can be boosted with the help of another spice!

Just imagine an already powerful spice made even more potent by combining it with a different spice, which is very much likely in your kitchen right now because it is one of the most commonly used culinary spice on the planet. Why has no one told you before that combining it with turmeric is a definite must?

Spices Commonly Used Together

Well, if you love cooking all sorts of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes that contain turmeric or anything that has turmeric in it such as curry, chances are you have already combined the golden spice with the spice that is scientifically-proven to boost turmeric’s potency.

In other words, you may have actually been enhancing the health perks offered by turmeric for many times now even without realizing it! There are many recipes requiring turmeric that also requires the use of the turmeric-boosting spice.

So what is this spice? It’s black pepper! Yup, it’s that dark-colored spice that makes you sneeze! When used in combination with turmeric, black pepper can help your body take advantage of turmeric even more. By the way, black pepper also possesses some health benefits of its own, so that’s double the perks!

How Black Pepper Does It

Before we discuss how black pepper boosts the wonderful effects of turmeric, it’s important to note a couple of chemicals present in the said spices: curcumin found in turmeric and piperine found in black pepper.

In a nutshell, curcumin is the one responsible for the characteristic color of turmeric. More importantly, it’s the one that makes turmeric a staple in several different listings of home remedies for a wide variety of health problems — ranging from the elimination of swollen and painful joints to the lowering of a person’s risk of having cancer!

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What makes piperine an important part of the equation? Well, one of the properties of piperine is it inhibits to a certain extent the ability of the liver to neutralize drugs and other chemicals, including curcumin found in turmeric.

Increased Blood Curcumin Levels

Thanks to the inhibitory properties of piperine on the liver, the levels of curcumin in the bloodstream can be increased. Instead of having some of those curcumin zapped by the liver, more of them can get to the blood.

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Naturally, having more curcumin circulating in the body helps make turmeric impress further! No matter the reason why you are adding more turmeric in your diet, piperine in black pepper helps ensure that the amount of curcumin neutralized by the liver is kept to a minimum, thereby maximizing the benefits curcumin offers.

According to numerous studies, even a small amount of piperine is good enough to help increase the levels of curcumin in the blood. In other words, even a little dash of black pepper can go a long, long way!

Double the Health Benefits

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, both turmeric and black pepper have their respective health benefits to offer. However, these spices have so many things in common, thus they tend to work synergistically.

For instance, both turmeric and black pepper are capable of lifting the mood as they help boost the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Similarly, the said spices are very good at raising the core temperature that results in a speedier metabolism, which helps make the elimination of excess pounds so much easier.





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