Best Water Remedies for Overall Health

We experience different types of health issues from time to time, with the symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Most of the time, we simply take over the counter medications or wait for the symptoms to pass. But did you know that you can actually quell various health problems with water remedies? You might be surprised on how quickly your discomfort can disappear with these water remedies.

Rose water 

Eczema or acne breakout can make your face appear red and swollen because of inflammation. Although there are ointments that can reduce the swelling, one water remedy that can help you heal faster is rose water. To make this, choose fresh roses and gather some of their petals. Place them in a saucepan and pour water over them. Cover the pan and let it steep for a few minutes over low heat. Use a strainer to remove the petals while gathering the water in a container. You can dip a cotton ball into the solution and apply all over your face to treat acne breakouts or other skin issues. You can also mist some on your hair to give it that extra shine. 

Lemon water 

Lemon water is one of the most popular water remedies that we know today. This is usually used by those who want to lose weight as it can flush the toxins from the body. Another plus to drinking lemon water is that it can enhance your immune system so you’ll be able to fight off various illnesses. It can also improve your digestion so that your body will be able to absorb nutrients better. 

Mint water 

Another water remedy that you should keep in mind is mint water. Mint can actually boost your appetite and prevents indigestion. If you are suffering from tummy problems, drinking mint water can help soothe the roiling in your stomach. To make your mint water, simply fill a pitcher with water then add lemon slices and sprigs of mint. Stir the solution and refrigerate afterwards. Stir the water once per day before drinking. This will keep for 2 to 3 days. Have a glass or two to help ward off stomach problems. 

Ginger water

Menstrual cramps can cause discomfort and may even hinder your work when they become unbearable. With that being said, drinking ginger water can alleviate the problem so that it will be easier for you to deal with your period. Ginger water can also help treat nausea, vomiting, and even gas build up. Add water and some ginger in a saucepan and bring to boil in high heat. Reduce the heat to low and let iit simmer for another 15 minutes. Drain the mixture and set it aside to cool. Sip the water throughout the day. 

Honey water 

Sometimes the best cures are the simplest. So if you want to lose weight, it is always a good idea to have some honey water first thing in the morning. Aside from helping you shed excess pounds, honey water can also reduce allergies, treat sore throat, and even soothe inflammation. Simply boil some water and pour into a cup to let it cool for a few minutes. Add one to two tablespoons of honey then stir. Drink the solution afterwards.

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