When is the Best Time to Drink Water

Most of us have a hard time following a stricter diet or even a fitness regimen but the good news is that you can always start with something small such as making sure that you are drinking sufficient amount of water every day. This may sound too simple for you but think about how many glasses of water you drink every day and when. With our busy schedules, we tend to forget to drink which is not really good for your health. So if you want to help your body stay fit and healthy, you need to know when the best time to drink water is.

  • Drink two glasses of water in the morning. The first thing that you need to do when you wake up is to drink two glasses of water. The water will help activate your organs and wake your body up just in time for breakfast. Drink water while your stomach is empty to get its benefits.
  • Drink water 30 minutes before your meal. Drinking water at least 30 minutes before lunch or dinner is always a good idea as it will help make your stomach feel full. Also, don’t forget to drink water while you eat to help reduce the amount of food that you eat.
  • Drink a glass of water before you take a bath. You should also have a glass of water before you take a bath to help keep high blood pressure at bay especially when your temperature is a bit warm. When you take a cold shower or hot shower, your blood pressure can spike not unless you regulate your body temperature with a glass of water.
  • Drink water while waiting for your next meal. Since it will take 4 to 7 hours between your lunch and dinner, you should make sure that you drink water in between. Listen to your body as it will usually give you a clue when it is already thirsty. Keep in mind that you need water to stay hydrated and to stay energized too.
  • Drink water before dinner. This should be your eighth glass of water for the day and you should congratulate yourself because you have managed to reach the recommended number of glasses of water to drink. Again, drink 30 minutes before your dinner and while you are eating to help with your digestion. You can add a slice of lemon in your drink to give it more nutrition.
  • Drink water before you go to bed. You should have another glass of water before bed time as this will help prevent strokes as well as heart attacks.

 As you can see, knowing when the right time to drink water can help prevent various health issues while promoting better digestion and increased energy levels. Practice these times until they become a habit and your body will thank you for it. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to eat healthy and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit at all times.



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