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The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

There are many benefits to sporting straight and smooth hair. It’s a timeless hair trend and will look good on any face type. In addition, straight hair is easy to manage and can even be styled in a variety of ways.

People who do not have naturally straight hair often use chemical treatments to get rid of curly and wavy hair. Salons offer hair straightening services including hair relax and hair rebond to name a few. Although these treatments are highly effective, they do not provide long-term effects and may even cause the hair some serious damage.

In addition, hair straightening treatment and tools can make your hair look and feel unhealthy. You will notice that after a few months of use, your hair becomes dry, scalp becomes itchy, and in some cases hair loss is even a possible side effect.

If you desire beautiful straight hair without the risk of damaging your hair strands, there are some natural remedies that you can try instead. Most of the ingredients that are proven to help in straightening the hair can be found in the kitchen.

Bear in mind that these hair remedies should only be done up to two times a week. Using these ingredients on a daily basis may not be healthy for the hair and scalp.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Hot Oil Treatments at Home

Treating your hair with hot oil solutions will keep your hair smooth, healthy and well hydrated. The heat and the saturation coming from the oil will eventually relax the curly or wavy patter of your hair. The best oils to be used to hot oil are sesame, coconut, and almond oil.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk can straighten hair in just a few weeks. It deeply moisturizes giving the hair a beautiful shine. In addition to its hair beautifying benefits, coconut milk also boasts antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties to keep the scalp free from infection.

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The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Eggs and Olive Oil

Eggs play an important function in making your hair straight and shiny. Olive oil on the other hand keep the hair moisturized all day long. When you combine these two powerful ingredients, your hair will look straight naturally!

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s Earth also known as multani mitti help in keeping the hair straight. It is also used to get rid of unruly, frizzy hair. It features mild cleansing properties that keeps the hair away from damage.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera features numerous enzymes that promote healthy hair growth and development. Daily use makes the hair smooth and silky. The gel like quality of aloe vera is easily absorbed into the hair strands keeping them well moisturized for many hours. Due to its moisturizing characteristics, aloe vera is known to naturally straighten hair too.

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The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair


Milk is a popular ingredient for making the hair straight and healthy. It contains proteins that strengthen the hair too.  As the hair is fortified, the hair strands become stronger and free from frizz too.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent ingredient for straightening the hair naturally. Due to its innate properties, the hair’s natural pH level is maintained, thus preventing the invasion of disease-causing microorganisms invading the scalp.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair


Beer is enriched with proteins and vitamins that help in maintaining healthy and luscious hair. The alcohol in beer also functions as a cleansing and shine agent, thus softening hair strands altogether.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Castor Oil

Another popular home remedy for hair straightening is castor oil. It conditions the hair, thus the hair stands are kept hydrated for a long period of time. It helps in avoiding frizzy hair and fights disease-causing microorganisms that may invade the scalp.

The Best Natural Remedies to Achieve Straight Hair

Celery Leaves

Celery leaves are beneficial as it straightens the hair naturally. Its vitamins and minerals also stimulate speedy hair growth.

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