FitnessBest HIIT Workout Based on Science

Best HIIT Workout Based on Science

HIIT or high intensity interval training has gained ground in the fitness world as it is a workout program that pushes the muscles beyond their limits and some more but with the right blend of low to intense workouts for a much better burn. This type of training was first used by athletes but studies show that high intensity interval training not only aids in weight loss but improve the body’s composition as well. The best thing about HIITs is that only minimal time is required but it yields maximum result. So which is the best HIIT workout according to science?

Based on the TIMES magazine, the best HIIT today is the program called “10-20-30”. Here is a sample of this routine.

12 minute workout 

Start this exercise by doing warm up for a few minutes at lightly moderate pace. Follow this up with 5 intervals using this routine: 30 sec of relaxed movement, 20 sec of moderately hard movement, and 10 sec of full sprint. Once you have completed the first five minutes doing these intervals without resting, give yourself a break for 2 minutes. Take note that the 10 sec of sprinting should be the hardest so give it your all because you can recuperate with the 30 sec of relaxed movement. 

Runner’s program 

For those who are planning on joining a marathon or would like to get their butt off the coach and start training for health, this runner’s program might be a good place to start. This has also been touted as one of the best HIIT programs today so it is also worth trying out. First things first, start your warm up by walking for 10 minutes with your effort level at 5. For the first interval, you should run for 4 minutes with your effort scale at 8 or 9, then walk for 3 minutes. The second interval should start with a 4 minute run then walk for 3 minutes to catch your breath. The same goes true with the third interval so make sure that you pace yourself when you run. Rest for another three minutes. The fourth interval should have 4 minutes of full run then use the three minute walk to cool yourself down. This runner’s program can be done for the entire week. You can increase the minutes of your run if you feel confident already. 

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These are just two of the best HIIT programs that you can try today. What’s great about these two is that they can be done by anyone regardless of your current fitness level. The most important thing to remember is that you should pace yourself and not strain too hard because you might injure yourself in the process. When you perform these HIIT workouts, you will see a huge improvement not just in your overall physique but your stamina and endurance levels too.

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