Benefits of Collagen Aside From Wrinkle-Free Skin

Especially if you’re someone who likes to look young forever, you may be highly familiar with the fact that collagen is something that can keep at bay fine lines and wrinkles. That’s because this type of protein helps to keep your skin strong and firm, thus keeping it from sagging and wrinkling.

Are you aware that there are so many other benefits that you can get from collagen aside from wrinkle-free skin?

Keep on reading if you are interested to know more about collagen which is actually the most abundant form of protein in the body — below you will come across some of the amazing health perks that you can get from it. Also, don’t forget to share this article on all of your media sites later on so that your family members and friends may also learn that collagen is capable of bringing about the following:

Reduced Joint Pain

If you are battling arthritis and it’s already keeping you from engaging in all kinds of everyday physical activities without any trouble, collagen can help to keep joint pain to a minimum. That’s because it is actually a major component to the soft tissues of the joints.

Thanks to collagen, damaged tendons and cartilages can be repaired and thus allow your joints to move smoothly and without causing you any pain.

Increased Muscle Mass

As mentioned earlier, collagen is a form of protein. This is the reason exactly why it is an important role player in building, maintaining and repairing muscles. Health experts agree that collagen is especially effective for dealing with muscle loss as a result of aging and menopause.

Most especially if you wish to get in shape by regularly pumping iron at the gym, supplementing with collagen may work to your advantage.

Eliminated Excess Pounds

Sick and tired of trying all kinds of expensive and ineffective weight loss supplements out there? Don’t give up yet! There’s one more supplement that you may give a try, and that’s none other than collagen. It yields results in two ways: it speeds up the metabolism by increasing muscle mass and it also gives a feeling of fullness, thus fending off overeating.

However, do take note that taking collagen alone won’t give you the body of your dreams — it’s important to pair its daily intake with regular exercise and healthy eating.

Strengthened Bones

We all know that calcium is very important for keeping the bones strong. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that vitamin D is also a role player in lowering one’s risk of osteoporosis. Did you know that collagen is essential, too, for strengthening the bones?

Your bones are actually 1/3 collagen, and that’s why you need to have your body supplied with good amounts of this type of protein if you want to keep osteoporosis and fractures at bay.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Did you know that your arteries are made up of various connective tissues such as collagen? This is why numerous studies suggest that collagen is something that can help to keep the heart in an excellent shape as it promotes healthy arteries vital for fending off plaque accumulation and high blood pressure.

There are many other risk factors for heart disease aside from arterial clogging and hypertension, and that’s why supplementing with collagen alone won’t make you impervious to problems concerning your ticker.

So how can you increase the amount of collagen in your body so that you may be able to enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits? Here are some of the steps that you may take:

  1. Consider taking high-quality collagen supplements that are available in pills, capsules and powders.
  2. Include bone broth and pork skin in your diet as they are rich in collagen.
  3. Boost your intake of vitamin C — the said nutrient is a major role player in collagen synthesis.
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