Attain Relief From Muscle and Joint Pain With Agarwood Essential Oil

Agarwood essential oil doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. Despite of that, many essential oil-using consumers still get their hands on this volatile oil. That’s because it’s a special kind of essential oil, so much so that it is commonly employed for various religious and spiritual purposes. But it can be employed for dealing with a number of health issues, too, ranging from muscle and joint pain, nasal congestion to high levels of stress.

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What makes agarwood essential oil esteemed by so many is it’s not that easy to obtain from nature. Manufacturers cannot just extract it from agarwood, a tree that is native to many Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. What they need to do instead is look for agarwood that is infected by some form of fungus (sometimes the tree is deliberately infected, too) before they can get their hands on agarwood essential oil.

Upon getting an infection, agarwood springs into action by protecting itself with a type of resin. This resin is so valuable to humans that others refer to it as “liquid gold”. Aside from making agarwood essential oil, the said resin is also used for a variety of things, from making incense to manufacturing perfumes.

Going back to agarwood essential oil, there are many grades of it available on the current market. Each grade varies in quality, and it all depends on the length of distillation employed. Since agarwood essential oil is one of the most expensive essential oils out there, it is usually sold with a certificate of authenticity which helps a buyer know that what he or she is purchasing is in fact genuine agarwood essential oil that offers so many benefits.

And what are these sought-after benefits of agarwood essential oil? The following are some of them:

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

The anti-inflammatory properties of agarwood essential oil can really impress. It’s exactly for this reason why it is usually employed for relieving achy and swollen muscles and joints. A few undiluted drops of it are massaged directly on problem areas to immediately relieve unfavorable stiffness, pain and inflammation.

Digestive Problem Alleviation

A number of problems concerning the digestive system can be remedied with the help of agarwood essential oil. For instance, traditional healers utilize it for relieving excess gas and abdominal cramping. Many swear by the ability of this oil in improving digestion and also increasing the appetite.

Chest Congestion Remedy

It’s not uncommon for many of those who suffer from cough and flu to rely upon agarwood essential oil in dealing with chest congestion since it has expectorant properties, meaning it can loosen thick phlegm and have them removed. Those who have asthma and acute bronchitis may also take advantage of agarwood essential oil.

Stress and Anxiety Control

Agarwood essential oil is highly admired for its amazing fragrance, and the way it smells is beneficial for so many types of individuals, including those that are leading very stressful lives. Agarwood essential oil is also advantageous for people suffering from anxiety, as well as mild depression and insomnia.

Lack of Sexual Urge Solution

For so many years now, agarwood essential oil is regarded as one of the most effective aphrodisiacs from nature. In other words, it can work to the advantage of people whose sexual urges are decreased. Unlike drugs that are formulated to boost one’s libido, the use of agarwood essential oil does not come with dangerous side effects.


There are numerous other health benefits that agarwood essential oil is known to bring. If you wish to employ it for any therapeutic purpose, make sure that you do so under the supervision of an experienced aromatherapy expert. It is also a good idea to let your doctor know about your plan on using agarwood essential oil most especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or diagnosed with a medical condition.

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