Astonishing Health Benefits of Japanese Sweet Potatoes


Japanese sweet potatoes are just like American yams, although they taste sweeter. In Asia, they are commonly turned into flour as well as used as thickeners, and distilled to become the traditional Japanese liquor known as shochu.

Aside from Japan, there are numerous other countries in Asia that are regarded as the world’s top producers of Japanese sweet potatoes. They include China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

So without further ado, let us take a look at some of the most impressive health benefits that Japanese sweet potatoes are known to bring:

They Help Prevent Constipation

Other than being physically active and drinking plenty of water, the consumption of fiber-rich foods is an excellent way to keep your bowel movement regular. Since Japanese sweet potatoes are very rich in fiber, it doesn’t come as a surprise why eating them can help save you from having a bout of constipation.

They Protect Against Piles and Colon Cancer

According to medical experts, the consumption of Japanese sweet potatoes and other foods that contain fiber also helps save you from having piles. Also sometimes known as hemorrhoids, it’s something that can bring about lots of embarrassment and discomfort. Japanese sweet potatoes may also help lower colon cancer risk.

They May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

The benefits of fiber found abundantly in Japanese sweet potatoes do not end there. It’s no secret that a diet that’s rich in fiber may help keep heart disease at bay because it helps in keeping your arteries from becoming clogged by plaque. So if you want your ticker to keep on ticking, include fiber in your everyday diet.

They Help Lower Blood Pressure

One of the most noteworthy nutrients found in Japanese sweet potatoes is potassium, which is a vasodilator — it causes the blood vessels to become wider. As a result, the blood pressure can be kept from rising. Also, potassium in Japanese sweet potatoes aids in calcium absorption, and the perk of which will be discussed next.

They Promote Stronger Bones

As mentioned earlier, potassium present in Japanese sweet potatoes encourage the absorption of calcium. This is exactly the reason why eating these root vegetables can help in keeping your bones strong. By the way, Japanese sweet potatoes also have calcium in them, which means that they’re really good at preventing osteoporosis.

They Ward Off Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Iron is another one of the many, many nutrients present in Japanese sweet potatoes. It’s due to this why eating them on a regular basis can help in the prevention of the so-called iron-deficiency anemia. Having this blood condition keeps your cells from getting enough oxygen because there’s scarcity in oxygen-transporting red blood cells.

They Strengthen the Immune System

Japanese sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin C. This only means that including them in your diet regularly can help in making your immune system strong. Having a strong immune system means that your body is more protected against invading bacteria and viruses that can cause all sorts of problems.

They Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Vision Sharp

Another vitamin that can be obtained from Japanese sweet potatoes is vitamin A, which is important for your eyes. Having antioxidant properties, vitamin A protects the cells of your eyes from being damaged by free radicals. Aside from these root vegetables, you can also get vitamin A from other brightly-colored veggies.

They Give You Much-Needed Energy

Last but not least, eating Japanese sweet potatoes is a great way to keep your body up and running because it’s a superb source of good carbohydrates. They are perfect for people who like to lose weight because they are very, very low in fat, plus they energize the body to encourage you to perform calorie-burning physical activities.