Ancient Remedy for Better Digestion and More Health Secrets from Israel


Our digestive system plays an important role in our health as it is the one responsible for breaking down the food that we eat and deliver the nutrients where they are most needed while eliminating the excess wastes. Unfortunately, with the kinds of food that we eat on a daily basis plus our lifestyle, our digestive system can slow down causing wastes to accumulate, nutrients to be eliminated, and leaving us exposed to various health issues because our gut isn’t really working very well.

If you find yourself suffering from digestive issues because of your food intake and lifestyle, perhaps you need to try the healthy eating secrets of the Israelis which is actually one of the best diets today. Do you want to know more? Here are a few secrets that you should know of.

Always have a salad day

The Mediterranean Diet is well known for having a lot of vegetables in it. You’ll find that most Israelis toss up a lot of salads, falafel, and hummus together. What’s great about loading up on vegetables is that they are rich in fiber content which actually fills your belly up fast. It also prevents cravings from getting triggered which mean that there won’t be that sudden desire to eat some sugary or salty treat.

Stick with three meals a day

Another thing that the Israelis are famous for is that they only limit their meals to three in a day. They start their day off with a healthy breakfast so they will have enough energy to reach lunch. At this point, there are healthier choices available which will sustain them until dinner. You will find that sticking to this kind of meal per day actually prevents you from eating more calories per day. This is a good idea if you are trying to lose or are maintaining your weight.

Portion control

In other countries, people tend to eat as many times as they want without really paying attention to the amount of food that they are eating. However, in Israel, they not only pay attention to the kind of food that they eat but they also stick to portion control. Portion control eating helps you eat until the right amount of fullness is felt. This is important because you don’t want to go overboard with your calorie consumption. Following this eating habit can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Cook food at home

Another practice that Israelis have been following since ancient times is cooking their own food using carefully chosen ingredients. You see, because of our busy lifestyles, we often rely on fast food chains as source of food. Unfortunately, the foods that they serve are high in salt, fat, and grease which can wreak havoc to our digestion. Israelis, on the other hand, prefer to cook their food at home where they can have better control over their food consumption and ingredients used.