Ancient Remedies to Remove Negative Energy at Home

There are days, even weeks, when things aren’t going right. It is frustrating, it’s confusing, and it can be depressing in the long run. Well, everyone feels this at one point in their lives. It’s just that there is bad energy that can be left behind which can actually ruin your time. With all the negative energy present in your home, it’s high time that you take steps to banish them already! Here are a few ancient remedies that can help you bring more positivity to your space so you will feel better in no time.

Essential oils

One of the most efficient ways of removing the negative energy to your space is to diffuse some essential oils like lavender, patchouli, and frankincense as they have purifying properties. The scent of these oils not only uplifts you, but they can also get rid of any negativity that is hounding you.

Bring more plants

Another way to banish all that negative energy to your space is to bring more plants inside. What’s great about plants is that they can help purify the air that you are breathing in. And because they are alive, they can lend certain vibrancy to your place which can drive away all the negativity in your room or house. The ancients believed that bringing plants indoors can improve your mood and add more positivity in the air.

Salt carpets

When it comes to banishing the negativity in your space, salt carpets will get the job done. All that you have to do is to sprinkle some dry table salt on your carpet, wait for about an hour, then vacuum afterwards. Salt actually has the ability to reprogram the energy in your room. You’ll feel much better in no time.


This ancient remedy has been used time and time again when it comes to getting rid of the bad energy in any space. When smudging, you only need to burn sage in your home to dispel any negative energy. You have to go with the white sage when it comes to clearing up the air.


If you are keeping a lot of old stuff in your home, keep in mind that they can store a lot of negative energy in them. De-cluttering your space is one way to remove all that negativity that has buildup in your space. Time to get rid of all those stuff that you don’t want anymore.


It pays to learn meditating if you want to remove the negativity that is surrounding you. Going into a meditative state will help you find the source of negative energy and be able to dispel it.

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