Ancient Arthritis Remedies to Try

Arthritis affects millions of people all over the world where their joints become inflamed and painful to bend. Although this is common in the elderly, anyone can have it when the conditions are right. There are several medications available for those who are suffering from arthritis but age old remedies may prove to be more efficient. Treating arthritis is not that easy to do but it appears that our ancestors have found some remedies that have been proven to be useful when it comes to lessening the effects of this condition. If you have arthritis and want to experience relief from it, these ancient remedies are worth trying out.

Black cohosh

This may be an ancient treatment but it still proves to be useful even today. Most arthritis treatments that are being sold today have this ingredient in them because of its anti-rheumatic property. The roots of the plant can actually be harvested, dried, and made into tea to help minimize the pain associated with arthritis. This treatment shouldn’t be done all the time as it can affect the liver.


Another ancient remedy that you can use even today is eucalyptus. The leaves of the plants are usually harvested, boiled, and used as poultices to stem the swelling on the joints. If you don’t have any eucalyptus plant available in your area, the essential oil version can still work. Just make sure that you use the right amount and that you mix it with a carrier oil to get the most benefits from it.

Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant is quite versatile as the gel like substance contained in the leaves of the plant can actually be used for different treatments such as soothing burns, and cuts, improve hair conditions, and minimizing acne scars just to name a few. It also appears that aloe vera can be used for arthritis problems as the gel of the plant can be applied on swollen joints to help soothe the pain away. If you plan on ingesting the gel, make sure that you prepare it correctly to get its full benefits.


This may seem like a waste of honey but when you feel the relief that comes with it when you apply it on your swollen joints, you’ll be keeping a lot of honey jars in your pantry. The Ancient Egyptians used honey to deal with painful joints, as well as ease the stiffness from them too. They even mix turmeric with milk and drink it to help lessen the symptoms of arthritis.


Another ancient remedy that can help you deal with arthritis pain is ashwagandha. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce any swelling or pain that you are feeling in your joints. What’s more, it protects your bones against damages to your cartilage so there won’t be too much stiffness to worry about.

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