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7 Clear Signs That You Bought a Fake Essential Oil

Essential oils are extracted from the roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and rinds of aromatic plants with purported health benefits. There are so many of them to choose from, and this is a good thing for consumers who are on the hunt for some all-natural ways to combat all sorts of problems, from tension headaches to stress.

However, not all essential oils on the market are the real deal. Some of them have been mixed with cheap ingredients while others are simply made from synthetic chemicals that mimic the fragrances of actual essential oils. Needless to say, the use of poor-quality or mock essential oils is a complete waste of your time and hard-earned cash.


Did you just buy a bottle of essential oil? Below you will find some telltale signs that the one you just purchased is not the real deal, which means you cannot expect to obtain anything favorable from it!


The Bottle is Clear Plastic

Essential oils are powerful indeed, but they can be easily damaged by light. It’s for this reason why genuine essential oils come in glass bottles (usually small ones) that are amber in color in order to shield the contents from damage. It’s for certain that the essential oil you just paid for is not genuine if it’s in a clear plastic bottle.


There’s No Orifice Reducer Present

After removing the cap, there has to be the so-called orifice reducer — a plug that controls the number of drops that come out of the bottle. Other than that, the orifice reducer also limits the essential oil’s contact with the environment. If an orifice reducer is not around, there is probably no potent essential oil in the bottle to protect from oxidation.


It Feels Greasy

Despite of what they are called, essential oils are not actually oils. Applying the real deal on your skin should feel like you are simply rubbing on water that smells really nice. On the other hand, if the essential oil you bought feels greasy on the skin, it’s a hundred percent sure that it’s not real essential oil!

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It Completely Disappears on Blotting Paper

Grab a piece of blotting paper and put a drop of the essential oil you just procured on it. Wait for a few minutes. If there is a ring that forms on the blotting paper, your essential oil is not real. Genuine essential oils evaporate completely because of the fact that they are not really oils that are thick and greasy.


The Price Tag is Really Cheap

Don’t rejoice if you got an essential oil for yourself that is super easy on the pocket. There’s a huge possibility that it comes with a cheap price tag because it’s out of cheap ingredients. Some of the finest essential oils on the planet are on the expensive side, but you can consider buying one as a good investment because of the health benefits.

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There’s no “Essential Oil” on the Label

Check out the label of the essential oil you just paid for. If it does not say “essential oil”, then it’s not essential oil — it’s just water or oil with added fragrance. Reputable manufacturers will clearly indicate that the products they’re selling are 100% essential oils. In fact, they even include Latin names and other pertinent details.


It’s From an Unreliable Manufacturer or Store

Before you buy a bottle of essential oil, do your assignment first: get the recommendations of your family and friends, or log on the web to read ratings and reviews. There is a huge possibility that you will end up with fake essential oil if you put your trust in a shady manufacturer or store, be it online or offline.





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