6 Ways to Keep Hydrated

Most people hydrate themselves with water then workout which is important to keep their muscles going without stiffening or cramping. But when the temperature rises and you’re sweating a lot, you need more sources of hydration to prevent you from drying up.

Drinking water is essential, true, but there are other ways that can help you stay hydrated such as the following.

Cucumbers. Regardless of how you prepare cucumbers, whether you dice them slice them or what, this vegetable is packed with 96% water that will keep you cool and hydrated especially during the summer. What’s more, cukes don’t have cholesterol or saturated fat and is high in vitamin K, iron, and B6.

Soup. Another idea that you can use when it comes to keeping your body hydrated is to incorporate soups in your meals. Although you might think that drinking hot soup on a summer day is an insane idea, you can always make a gazpacho with ingredients such as cucumber, tomato, and some sea salt for a healthier and more refreshing soup for better hydration.

Sparkling water. Drinking plain water can get boring at times so why not try sparkling water? Soda should be avoided at all costs because they contain caffeine and sugar that can easily sap the water in your body. With sparkling water, you can add a sprig of mint, squeeze in some orange or lemon juice and you’re done. Don’t forget to use sparkling water and not tonic water, okay?

Herbal tea. Another source of hydration that you should consider is drinking herbal tea. Although there are some types of tea that can have a dehydrating effect, decaffeinated herbal tea is the exception to the rule. Sipping this drink throughout the day can help you cool down and hydrated. You can make your herbal tea more nutritious by blending some fruit puree and adding it to your pot of tea.

Smoothies. If you’re having a hard time choosing a hydrating drink, why not combine your favorite fruits into your very own DIY smoothie? What’s great about smoothies is that you can actually combine several fruits into a glass of drink that not only will hydrate you from the inside but they can actually help you cool down. The best part is that you can mix vegetables and fruits in your drink for a powerful glass of hydrating liquid.

Coconut water. Coconut water should definitely belong in this list as it is one of the best sources of hydration. Unlike those sports drinks that you tend to sip when you are working out, coconut water is low on carbohydrates while its potassium content is off the charts. This is a good choice if you’re doing light exercises but when it comes to rigorous training, it may not replenish the salt in your body.

As you can see, there are more options out there to choose from so if you want to liven up your drinks, these choices are worth looking into.







Source: carrotplus.com

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