6 Things You Need to Know About Vitamin C

We all want to stay healthy as much as we can but we are all guilty of not being able to maintain it for long. With the kind of work that we are doing, we often find ourselves calling for take out because we don’t have time to cook. This means that we are missing out on important vitamins and minerals just like vitamin C. Vitamin C actually plays a huge role on your health because there are plenty of benefits to reap from it. Here are some that you should know how valuable it is to your health.

It assists in weight loss

If you have adequate amounts of vitamin C in your body, you will be able to burn about 30 percent more fat when doing moderate exercises. It appears that vitamin C can actually aid the pathways for energy expenditure, regulate fat oxidation, and energy intake too. If you have enough vitamin C in your body, you will find that you will be doing your work more efficiently.

Reduces damage from UV exposure

Although vitamin C cannot be considered as a sunscreen, it can still help reduce the amount of damage that your skin is actually receiving from too much exposure to the sun. There are free radicals that can make your skin look dull and dry because of this but vitamin C can protect you against them.

It reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

What else can you get from vitamin C? How about lowered risk of heart disease, lower incidences of stroke, and even lowered blood pressure? There have been studies that showed these effects with vitamin C. Vitamin C can actually help improve blood cell function and can enhance vascular relaxation.

Assists in wound healing

Another benefit that you can get from vitamin C is that it can actually assist in healing wounds. What this vitamin does is to replace any damaged skin tissues in your body so you will see a huge improvement on your scars and wounds in no time.

Minimizes inflammation

Did you know that your body can suffer from inflammation from time to time? This often occur when your body is starting to fight off stress, pollution, doing exercises, and what not. This means that there are free radicals that are actually damaging your body from the inside. Vitamin C can help reduce inflammation so that your body will go back to its natural state.

Vitamin C is absorbed better with exfoliation

If you want to get the most out of vitamin C, you will need to exfoliate your skin before applying vitamin C on your skin. This way, your skin will be able to absorb the nutrients delivered by vitamin C so that you will have a healthier looking skin in no time.

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