6 Surprising Benefits of Calendula

Calendula is one of the 15 to 20 species that belong to the daisy family called Asteraceae. It is commonly found in Western Europe, Mediterranean, and southwestern Asia. What’s great about this plant is that the petals are good for eating and can be even added to fresh salads too. For those who haven’t tried this plant before, you might be surprised to find that the petals as well as the oil that it contains have medicinal properties that are good for your overall health. What benefits can you get from this plant? Let’s find out.

Speed up healing process

Studies show that those who are using calendula to treat skin conditions have shown signs of faster healing than without it. If you have acute dermatitis, using this plant or its oil can help heal your skin better compared to others.

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Another benefit that you can get from calendula is that it can help treat any inflammation in your body thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties that it contains. The flavonoids present in this plant can protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. You will also get more of the anti-inflammatory linoleic acid which can help treat all kinds of inflammation in your body, from dermatitis, to diaper rash, sore throat, ear infections and the like. Some doctors recommend ear drops with calendula for children with ear infection.

Aids in menstruation

A woman’s monthly period may be accompanied with pain, bloating, and even mood swings. Drinking calendula tea will not only induce your menstrual cycle, but it can also help you with reducing the side effects of your period. What makes this an effective tool for your menstruation is the flavonoids that it comes with can aid in relaxing the muscles, improving blood flow, and even reduce the instances of hot flashes.

Comes with anti-viral properties

What else can you get out of calendula? Research shows that the anti-viral properties that calendula comes with can help protect you from bacterial and viral infections by enhancing your immune system. Taking calendula can inhibit viral infections in your stomach.

Boosts oral health

Another benefit that is linked to calendula is that it can help improve your overall health. Calendula is often added in mouthwashes and toothpastes because of their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Using oral products that have calendula can combat inflammation in the gum, and even combat cavities, gingivitis, plaque, and others. Another thing that you will like about calendula is that it works as an astringent which can combat bacteria in the mouth. This is what you need if you want to maintain oral environment.

Lessens muscle spasms

What else can you get from calendula? This plant has the ability to relax muscle spasms in your body. A study that was conducted by the Department of Biological and Biomedical Science from the Aga Khan University Medical college discovered that the extract of the flowers can help relax any spontaneous contractions in the muscles. What’s more, their research also generated more scientific base for the more traditional use of calendula which is to treat constipation as well as abdominal cramps.

Calendula does look promising when it comes to its benefits which is not surprising given that herbal remedies have been found to be useful in treating various health issues that we may have. The trick here is finding true calendula oil that hasn’t undergone extensive processing to ensure that the benefits are locked in. If you are going for calendula tea, make sure that you are getting high quality calendula tea for the best results.

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