6 Foods that are Good for Your Heart

In these fast-paced times, we barely have time for ourselves, let alone cook decent food to satisfy our appetite. This means that more often than not, we end up ordering take outs or grab microwaveable foods to keep us full. Although these are convenient methods for eating, they may not be good for our heart or our health because of the way they were processed, the ingredients used, and the calories that they contain. The race for preserving your heart health is on!

If you are worried that your heart is at risk from getting damaged because of the kinds of food that you’ve been eating, it might be a good time to start reconsidering what you’ve been adding to your diet. You can actually protect your heart by choosing the right foods such as the ones below.


For those who want to maintain a healthy heart, eating watermelon comes highly recommended. What’s great about this fruit is that it is low in calorie content, but high in fiber, plus it comes with antioxidants as well. The red color of the watermelon contains lycopene which is good for the heart. What’s more, watermelon is one of the best sources of vitamins A and C, including magnesium and potassium too.


Another food that you should include in your diet is oats. Eating oats in the morning is one way to help you feel full because it is packed with fiber which not only keeps your stomach full, but it can also help flush out the toxins from your body. It promotes healthy digestion which means that you will be able to protect your heart in the process too.


Most of us eat yogurt because of weight loss, but have you ever thought of its impact to your heart’s health? There are many benefits to eating yogurt and one of them is helping you maintain healthy gums which, in turn, can protect your heart health. Another plus to eating yogurt is that you will be able to absorb various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, as well as probiotics that are useful for your digestion. You can even add more fruits on top of your yogurt for that extra dose of nutrients that are good for your heart.

Fruits and vegetables

What else can help you maintain good heart health? Eating more fruits and vegetables that’s what. Health practitioners and doctors even recommend that you load up at least ¾ of your plate with fruits and vegetables because they can deliver a host of nutritional benefits such as vitamins and minerals with additional antioxidants too that can boost your immune system, improve your heart health, and even help you with your weight loss needs as well because they are low in calorie content.


What else can you add to your diet to help with your heart health? Eating tomatoes comes highly recommended because they contain lycopene that protects your heart against damages. You can make your own tomato paste or sauce with it and add natural ingredients such as herbs to make it more delicious.


It is always a good idea to add nuts to your diet too if you want to protect your heart health because they are rich in healthy fats that are good for your heart. These are good as snacks to fill you up while waiting for your next meal.

When it comes to your heart, you will need to pay a lot of attention to what you are eating as they can have a part on how healthy your heart is. These six foods are good options to consider because they will support your heart.

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