5 Ways to Revive Your Dull Skin

There are many factors that can contribute to dull looking skin such as dehydration, lack of moisture, stress, and even sickness. Seeing a dull complexion when you look at yourself in the mirror can dampen your spirits but the good news is that there are quite a number of ways to give your dull skin the boost it needs so it will look radiant in no time.

For those who have to deal with dull skin all the time, try these five steps right this minute.

Don’t forget to wash your face. The simplest way to brighten up your skin is to wash your face. Regular tap water will suffice in getting rid of dirt build up on your pores. This is a habit that you should practice every time you go home as the dirt and grime that you have picked up outdoors can be washed away so you will have better looking skin afterwards.

Use rosewater. Another reason why your skin looks dull is when your eyes become puffy. Perhaps you cried a lot last night or had a rough night partying with friends but whatever the reason for your puffy eyes may be, you need to treat them as soon as possible to revitalize your skin. Rosewater is a good treatment to alleviate puffiness. You just need to dip a cotton ball in chilled rosewater and apply it on your eyes. This will reduce the puffiness that is giving your skin a dull look.

Exfoliate your skin. Dull looking skin can be caused by dead skin cells piling up on the surface which prevents the light from bouncing. The quickest way to solve this problem is to exfoliate your face using gentle cleansers so you can remove dead skin without causing irritation or inflammation. When exfoliating, make sure that you rub gently until the dead skin is removed. This will reveal beautiful skin that is full of life.

Apply cucumber face mask. Masks are often recommended to brighten up one’s skin as it helps remove dead skin cells and at the same time, tighten up the pores for a more youthful look. One particular face mask that is good for the skin is the cucumber face mask because it is designed to rejuvenate and revitalize tired looking skin. Apply the mask on your face, wait for a few minutes until it dries up, and then peel. Rinse afterwards to remove any sticky residue.

Conceal blemishes. If you need a quick fix for dull looking skin, why not use a concealer? As the name suggests, this makeup is designed to conceal or hide flaws on your skin such as dark circles under the eyes, dried up pimple, or even puffiness under the eyes. A small amount of concealer spread evenly on the affected area will help hide the dullness of your skin while at the same time, giving you a clean palate to apply your makeup to revitalize your skin. For sure, you will be getting some quick glances because of your flawless looking skin.

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