5 Tips to Feel Awake Without Caffeine

Coffee is our go-to drink when we need to get our second wind in the afternoon, but did you know that drinking caffeinated drinks is not the only method to get your mind more alert? Although there is nothing wrong with drinking coffee whenever you are sleepy, too much can be a bad thing. With that being said, how will you be able to keep yourself awake? Here are a few tips that you can try when you want to get your second wind.

Stick to nutritious snacks

One of the reasons why you tend to feel sleepy in the afternoon is because of the heavy meal that you had during lunch. This is because digesting your food can take up a lot of your energy, hence you feel groggy. Unfortunately, most of us rely on the sweet stuff to give us a burst of energy but these sweets cannot sustain it. A better option would be to prepare for healthy snacks instead because they will be able to sustain your blood sugar levels.

End your shower with cold rinse

Taking a shower is all well and good but instead of sticking with warm water, make sure that you end it with a cold rinse instead. You see, warm water can make you feel relaxed and sleepy which is something that you don’t want to do. Cold water, on the other hand, will wake you up which is exactly what you need when you don’t want to drink coffee any more.


Another technique that you can use to wake yourself up without drinking coffee is to set aside some time to workout. Even if it is just 10 minutes of your time, getting your blood up and running and your heart racing is enough to wake you up. Do some jumping jacks, go for a run, or whatever workout that you have in mind. You’ll find that your mind is more alert because of this plus you won’t be sleepy at all.

Skip carbs in breakfast

If you want to keep your energy levels steady throughout the morning so that you will be able to replenish it by lunch, avoid eating carbs during breakfast. You see, carbs can cause your blood sugar to go up way too fast then cause it to crash after. A better option would be to choose protein rich foods such as eggs, oats, and fruits just to name a few.

Spend time under the sun

You should also spend some time under the sun, even for 10 minutes, so you will get a jolt of energy too. If you are feeling a bit sleepy in the morning, try this technique.

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