Lifestyle 5 Tips to Resetting Your Gut

5 Tips to Resetting Your Gut

Have you ever noticed how often you feel sick throughout the year? You may blame stress,  your lack of rest, and other factors but it can boil down to having poor gut health. Our gut health plays a more vital role to our health than we can ever think of as it is here in our digestive system where the food that we eat gets processed so that the nutrients that can protect us from health problems can be absorbed. The problem, however, is that with our poor eating habits there is a constant imbalance in our gut. If you want to protect yourself against various illnesses then you need to reset your gut. Here are a few steps that can help you achieve this.

Reduce your antibiotic intake

Using antibiotics to treat simple illnesses like colds and the flu can do more harm than good. Those that have been prescribed by your walk-in clinics are referred to as broad spectrum antibiotics which can eliminate both the good and bad bacteria. This leaves you more prone to illnesses compared to not taking any medications. Reducing your antibiotic intake until they are necessary can help your gut environment to stabilize.

Have more fermented foods

Another way to help revive your gut health is to add fermented foods to your daily diet. This is because fermented foods can deliver probiotics into your system which can help reduce the amount of bad bacteria present in your gut. Your gut needs good bacteria in order for your digestion to function 100%. Foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir can help you have better digestion that will have a positive impact to your overall health.

Get prebiotic fiber

You should have prebiotic fiber too as it enhances the probiotic organisms in your gut. Foods that are rich in prebiotics include dandelion greens, jicama, garlic, and onions. You can include them in your meals or have them as supplements. You can ask your doctor what prebiotic supplements they can recommend that will help revive your gut health.

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Ditch toxic foods

You will never go wrong in ditching or avoiding foods that contain toxic elements. Among these are alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, grains, refined sugar, conventionally raised meets, and seed oils. These types of foods have toxic substances in them that can cause irritation and inflammation in your stomach. Choose better options like leafy green vegetables, nuts, and fish just to name a few as they are packed with important nutrients that will help your digestion.

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Choose a good multi-enzyme

Multi-enzyme supplements are highly recommended to those who want to jump start their gut health. The multi-enzymes can help with digestion so that the foods that we eat can be broken down for better absorption. This is critical when it comes to resetting your gut so you might want to check out which ones are good for your digestion. 

These are just a few suggestions on how you can reset your gut health so that your digestive system will be able to function 100%. For sure, you will reap plenty of health benefits once your gut health is working properly.

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