5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Kiwi

Kiwi is one fruit that many are not really interested in. If you’re going to think of when was the last time you ate this fruit, you’ve probably forgotten about it. But before you make any excuses that this fruit isn’t as delicious and nutritious as other popular fruits, you might want to stop for a few minutes and learn a thing or two about this summer fruit.

Kiwi is actually packed with surprising health benefits that we are not really aware of. If you want to know more about the benefits that you can gain from eating this fruit, read on.

  • Protects against cancer. The phytochemicals present in kiwis help in fighting off free radical damage to keep cancer at bay. This fruit also contains vitamin E plus eating a large kiwi can deliver up to 80mg of vitamin C already which can help you maintain a strong immune system.
  • It contains vitamin A. This vitamin is important to a child’s overall development and can assist in building a better immune system to reduce our risk from various health problems. Also, this vitamin can aid in keeping our skin looking great too. Another plus to eating kiwis is that vitamin A can also improve your vision.
  • It aids in weight loss. We all want to achieve a lighter weight at one point in our lives but if you’re having difficulties in shedding those excess pounds because you are not eating right, especially in between meals, it is always a good idea to look into the benefits of eating kiwi. What makes kiwi an essential part of your weight loss program is because it contains fiber. Fiber not only helps in cleansing your stomach but it is also good for keeping your stomach full. And you know what the best part is? Eating one large kiwi only contains 55 calories making it one of the best snacks available.
  • It has vitamin B6. What else can you get from kiwi? How about folate? Vitamin B6 or folate is present in kiwi hence it is a smart choice for pregnant women. Folate can help protect your baby against birth defects if you eat it regularly. Also, folate can prevent anemia as it boosts the production of red blood cells in your body.
  • Promotes better heart health. Another benefit that you can get out of eating kiwis is that you’ll be able to protect your heart against various health problems. Kiwi is actually capable of reducing one’s blood pressure, prevents blood clot, and of course, improve your blood fat profile. This fruit is also good for your bowels since it is a natural laxative.

As you can see, kiwis do have something to offer you in terms of health benefits. Just imagine how much vitamins and minerals you can get from eating this fruit regularly. Regardless of whether you are going to eat it as is or add it to your salads, there is much to be gained from kiwis.




Sources: servingjoy.com

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