4 Everyday Foods That Help Boost Creativity

Contrary to popular belief, writers and painters are not the only ones who could use a lot of creativity. You need a creative mind in order to solve everyday problems, deal with boredom, pursue new opportunities, and basically enjoy an interesting and a happy life.

Unfortunately, it’s not all the time that those creative juices are flowing — it’s very much possible for you to seem to run out of creativity just when you need it the most, such as when wishing to experiment on a new pasta recipe or planning the 8th birthday party of your little one.

The good news is there are certain foods that you can eat in order to get your creative mind up and running once again. A lot of them are surprisingly common and may already be a part of your regular diet. Having them even more often can really help boost your creativity.

1. Walnuts

Aside from looking like tiny brains, walnuts are actually good for the brain — they are rich in healthy fats that protect the brain cells from damage, and also improve blood flow to the noodle. And when your brain cells are getting plenty of oxygen via the bloodstream, creativity strikes.

Aside from walnuts, you may also count on practically any nut that you like if you feel like you could use more creativity. Go ahead and snack on a handful of pecans, almonds, pistachios or cashews — they are very good at encouraging you to think outside the box.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Just like walnuts and all the other nuts that you can think of, pumpkin seeds are also loaded with healthy fats. And that is why including them in your diet on a regular basis is a wonderful idea most especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to do so many things differently and more interestingly.

There are many other creativity-boosting seeds out there that you may munch on or sprinkle on yogurt or add to your smoothies. Consuming them is not only good for dealing with lack of imagination, but also painful and stiff joints as well as depression and anxiety.

3. Avocados

Healthy fats in avocados make these pear-shaped tropical fruits so beneficial for the brain. And another nice thing about avocados is they encourage you to be creative every time you are planning on adding them to your diet. Should I add it to my smoothie or garden salad? Should I turn it into ice cream or gelato?

But other than being good for the brain, avocados are actually superb for the heart, too, courtesy of its ability to lower the blood pressure as well as cholesterol. Besides, it’s the heart that provides the brain with oxygen-containing blood, so you should really take good care of your ticker if you want to stay creative.

4. Dark Chocolate

Want to learn how to increase your creativity in a really delightful way? Have a small piece of dark chocolate! If you’re a chocoholic, then you are not going to have a problem fending off being unproductive or unimaginative — something easy and pleasant can actually boost your creativity.

Making dark chocolate superb at helping those creative juices to start flowing is the fact that it allows the brain to enjoy increased circulation and antioxidants. Just make sure that you opt for dark chocolate that is at least 70 percent cacao for you to obtain superb results.

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