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3 Homemade Stain Removers for Tough Stains and Odors

We all love our animals, children or even our friends but the clumsy ones can get the best of our patience at times. This is part of life and with problems come solutions. You see crayons, food stains, dog and cat doo doo or mystery sauce I think hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, salt and certain acids. You don’t have to let those annoying stains rob the attention of your lovely home no more, just make sure to have these DIY mixtures handy and tend to the stain right away!

Here are 3 recipes you should try!

First off, materials you will need:

  • A clean, empty spray bottle Gloves if you want
  • Casual, comfy home outfit to make and use these solutions

1.) Easy Peasy Vinegar and Baking Soda Marriage

Apple cider may sting less and taste better but when it comes to stain removals of all sorts the strongest, stingiest white vinegar really does work best. It is ideal for safe homemade cleaning products and on the other hand baking soda is a natural and incredibly effective deodorizer and dehumidifier combined. Combining these two ingredients make a popular and effective household cleaner that works best in a spray bottle for even distribution. A fairly soft and old toothbrush is ideal to scrub with, harder and tighter carpet will need stronger brushes though.

For things like carpet stain removals combine around a cup and a half of strong white vinegar with ¼-1/3 cups of baking soda. You must water it down a little bit with half a cup or less of hot or warm-hot water to extend it a little bit. Dab, douse or spray the affected area as much as you can, of course after drying out the stain with a paper towels or salt to prevent further spreading. An alternative version is spraying the area with the warm vinegar solution with some scrubbing and then sprinkling naked baking soda on top. It could be left for a while to absorb more moisture.

2.) Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is great at producing Carbon Dioxide molecules when it reacts to dirt and bacteria. These bubbles keep producing and detach the bonds of bacteria and the rest of the stain molecules from the surface it has affected. This mixture is also very effective in removing your dog or little child’s urine odor and stains. H. Peroxide is also an organic bleach making it a solid partnership with odor neutralizing baking soda. A cup of baking soda or a bit more if you’d like with half or ¾ cups of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide should do the trick finished with 2-3 tsps of dish soap, preferably eco friendly. The method is to first place paper towels on top of the stain maybe with salt to help the dehydration depending on the fabric and stain. But just paper towels would be fine. After you have soaked most of the moisture from the stain this is when you spray a lot of dish soap and peroxide together. After some generous and serious scrubbing doused with bits of water every now and the, baking soda should be sprinkled on top and left for a while to further ease away that stain.

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3.) Souron Sour- Vinegar, Citrus and Citrus Peels

This one is very simple and cheap to make too. It even makes use of leftover fruits and their rinds. Citrus have a chemical called limonene that helps clean your home wherein vinegar has enough acidity and antibacterial properties to effectively kill molds, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

All you have to do is collect enough orange and lemon peels to fill 2 solid cups. Grapefruit and tangerine rinds can go in the mix too, if there are any leftover pulp that won’t be consumed then include the fruit juices too. With the 2 cups of rinds also add 2 cups of strong apple cider or white vinegar, you can water it down with ¼-1/2 cup of very hot water to extend it.You let this mixture steep at least overnight and this can be ideally placed in a spray bottle and paired with a brush for stain scrubbing.

This recipe is more ideal for wooden furniture, vinyl, counter tops and hard, tight carpets.

There are many combinations to inspire you from these simple and non-toxic recipes. Say no more or greatly minimize the use of commercial cleaners because they are harmful to both you and the environment. And anyways after you clean with vinegar the smell disappears cleanly, especially when you use lemon.

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