3 Commonly Used Gym Workout Apps

Many people desire to live a long life by staying fit and healthy and with technology on the rise, many people take advantage of new digital trends, such as fitness and gym workout apps, using their smartphones and other devices.


Digifit iCardio

Digifit iCardio serves as a heart rate monitor, which can be paired with any supported heart rate tracker to monitor one’s runs, cycling rides, and other fitness activities, according to PC Mag. As per Apple’s official website, the application can also help maintain one’s drive and focus level by monitoring one’s weight, heart rate, calories, and calories per minute. It can also track one’s speed and pacing, distance, and duration of workout.

The users of the app can also achieve their goals with Digifit iCardio’s user-friendly activity feed, where one can compare his workout status and heart charts. Users can also include in the activity feed fitness routines from his favorite training session, routine, or exercise class, in addition to monitoring the amount of calories burned and other metrics.

Additional features of Digifit iCardio include in-workout images, synchronization to other devices and cloud for easier online access, workout history to evaluate one’s progress, voice feedback prompts if there are considerable changes in the workout, and GPS routes for outdoor workouts. It is also advertisement-free.

Digifit iCardio is available for both iOS and Android.


Spitfire Athlete

For women, Spitfire Athlete is one of the most commonly used fitness and workout app. Viewed as the ultimate women’s strength training app, the application includes warm up exercises, intra-workout routines, and cooling down exercises, along with an all-in one tracker. Workout routines include the weight, the number of sets, and the number of repetitions, and can be set on a daily basis and completion of each routine is indicated by a percentage bar. In addition, timers can also be seen at the bottom of the screen to check one’s duration during the workout.

Spitfire Athlete also contains guides women can read, which feed them information about the workout routine they are doing and help them achieve their goals and see optimal results. Also, the application also features well-designed and long-term training plans of nationally ranked female athletes one can adapt and modify to fit her health and fitness goals. The featured athletes include national-level Olympic weightlifter Erin Parker, NSCA CSCS strength and conditioning coach, kettle bell trainer, and “12MinuteAthlete” method founder Krista Stryker, national-level NPC Bikin competitor Leslie Cachola, national-level record-holding powerlifter with 200lb bench press Emily Hu, and ironman triathlete, cyclist, marathoner Angeline Tan.


Gym PocketGuide

For men, Gym PocketGuide is one of the fitness apps can help them achieve their health and fitness goals, according to Men’s Fitness.

Gym PocketGuide allows its users to plot their programs on a daily basis, choosing from various muscle groups like chest, back, shoulders, legs, biceps, and triceps. Each specific muscle group has its own set of workout routines men can follow, adapt, and modify, as they walk the path towards their fitness goals. Completing the specific workout per day can be indicated with a check mark. Also, the application features an image guide, allowing its user to imitate the execution of a certain workout.

The app’s workout programs are pre-made for a complete seven day workout, which can be customized by both men and women, as per the official Gym PocketGuide website. Men can also select workout routines from the app’s workout library, which contains more than a hundred exercises and stretches, along with quality step-by-step guides in images or videos. Following installation, the workout library remains available offline, allowing users to use the app even without internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Along with the use of the aforementioned fitness and workout apps, one should have his workout on a regular basis. In addition, health and fitness goals will be best achieved with proper diet, adequate sleep and rest, and right attitude.





Source: iq.intel.com

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