10 Signs You Need to Visit a Dentist

Generally speaking, you need to pay your trusted dentist a visit once or twice a year. This allows your dentist to identify any emerging dental problem that you may have, most especially something that is simpler and cheaper to treat during its early stages. Some people may need to take more frequent trips to the dental clinic.

It is a good idea for you to have an appointment with your dentist right away if you are encountering certain signs and symptoms that are evidently related to your oral health. Here are 10 of those:

1. You Have Bad Breath That Refuses to Go Away

If your breath smells terrible no matter how often you floss, brush or use a mouthwash, it’s a sign that there is a problem that simply cannot be dealt with at home. You can put an end to your feeling so embarrassed each time you open your mouth by allowing a dentist to check what could be causing it.

2. There is a Persistent Nasty Taste in Your Mouth

More often than not, bad breath that doesn’t go away is accompanied by a bad taste in your mouth. In some instances, it has something to do with dental carries. There are times, too, in which it’s a problem related to the digestive system — your dentist will likely refer you to a gastroenterologist if such is the case.

3. Chewing and Swallowing is a Pain in the Neck

Make sure that you pay your dentist a visit as soon as you notice that you are having a difficult time chewing and swallowing. It’s a much better idea to have the root cause identified and treated before it gets out of hand, which can also have an effect on your nutritional intake eventually.

4. Pain is Felt When Eating or Drinking Something Hot or Cold

If you often frown when eating ice cream or sipping a cup of green tea, it only means that nerves in your teeth are exposed to the outside world, which is something that should not happen. Seeing a dentist allows you to put such problem to an end, sparing you from pain and discomfort each and every mealtime.

5. Your Gums Look Swollen or Bleed Rather Easily

Do you often spot blood each time you brush your teeth or floss? Do your gums look bright red and swollen? See to it that you take a trip to the dental clinic ASAP. You may already have gum disease that, if left untreated, can become so serious that damage it may cause is no longer reversible.

6. There is a Bothersome Sore or Inflamed Spot on your Mouth

Make sure that you consult a dentist right away the moment you notice that there is a sore or inflamed spot in your mouth that refuses to go away. It can be on the inside of your cheek or on your tongue. It’s also something that may at times appear on the palate, the roof of your mouth.

7. It Seems Like Your Mouth is Dry All the Time

Dryness of the mouth is a problem that can lead to a bunch of other issues since it is important for your oral cavity to stay moist. There are many things that can leave your mouth feeling dry all the time, ranging from stress to certain autoimmune disorders. The intake of certain drugs can cause it, too.

8. You Smoke Cigarettes or Drink a Lot of Alcohol

There are so many health problems that can strike if you smoke or consume alcohol excessively, and some of those can involve the oral cavity. It’s a good idea to pay your dentist a regular visit for the identification of early signs of problems concerning your mouth. Of course it will help a lot if you quit smoking and drinking lots of alcohol, too.

9. Someone Tells You That You’re Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping

Bruxism — this is the medical term for teeth grinding. Usually, a dentist can recommend dental appliances that can put an end to it and keep your chompers from being damaged. At times your dentist may refer you to a specialist, depending on what’s causing your bruxism.

10. You Have a Known Medical Condition

Some medical conditions can have all sorts of negative impact on your oral health, such as diabetes and heart disease, and that’s why you should visit your dentist more often if you have one. It is also recommended for you to regularly see your trusted dentist if you are pregnant to maintain good oral health.

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