Healthy Picks10 No-Brainer Tips for Newbie Vegetarians

10 No-Brainer Tips for Newbie Vegetarians

So you just turn vegetarian a couple of days ago. By now, you must have already realized that it’s a rough ride. But don’t worry because it will get smoother and smoother as you get the hang of things more and more.

Are you wondering if you should keep up your newfound plant-based diet for health and/or moral reasons or just go back to your old ways because you never thought it was going to be this challenging?

No one can blame you if you feel like giving up after just a few days of turning vegetarian — celebrities of today and the sheer abundance of vegetarian food products make it seem like it’s just a leisurely walk in the park!

But before you lay down your arms, continue reading first. The following are 10 no-brainer tips for individuals who just stepped foot in the world of vegetarianism and are already overwhelmed by all of the changes:

Cook Your Own Meals

A quick trip to cyberspace will get you acquainted with the fact that there are lots and lots of vegetarian recipes out there. If you feel that being a vegetarian can keep you from enjoying some of the most mouth-watering treats, think again!

Refrain From Labeling Yourself

Bearing in mind that you are a vegetarian and there are tons of rules to follow can certainly leave you feeling devastated. What you need to do is refrain from labeling yourself — just think that you want to stay away from animal products.

Do Your Own Shopping

Most especially if you turned vegetarian for health reasons, it’s a wonderful idea for you to do your own shopping. Doing this allows you to completely take control of your decision to change your health for the better by going vegetarian.

Carefully Read Labels

Before you put anything in your shopping cart, spend some time to checking out the list of ingredients. There are so many pre-packaged food products out there that seem ideal for vegetarians at first look, but they’re really not.

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Take Advantage of Meat Substitutes

Since vegetarianism is so popular today, you are not going to have a hard time getting your hands on meat substitutes. Especially during the first few days, you may include plenty of them in your diet to keep you from missing meat.

But Make Some From Scratch

Did you know that it’s actually easy to come up with your very own meat substitutes? There are lots of articles and videos on the internet that can teach you how. DIY meat substitutes are some of the healthiest and freshest around.

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Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

Just because you are limited to plant-based products doesn’t mean that mealtimes can get boring easily. With so many types of fruits and veggies out there, leading a vegetarian life can be so exciting. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Let Everyone Know About It

You need a good support system if you want to make being a vegetarian as easy as can be, so inform your family and friends about your decision to go vegetarian. Some of them may even get inspired and join you!

Don’t Load Up on Junk Vegetarian Foods

Just because potato chips do not contain animal products doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to stuff your face with them. The truth is there are so many vegetarian foods out there that are considered as unhealthy, so stay smart.

Choose What’s in Season

A lot of vegetarians claim that their dietary choice is not easy on the pocket, and they’re right! If you want to stretch your budget, opt for fruits and vegetables that are in season. Since they are abundantly available, they are cheaper.

Know these 10 super simple tips by heart and you will see that being a vegetarian doesn’t have to rattle your world! And feel free to repost this article online to let your newbie vegetarian family and friends see these tips, too!

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