Curry leaves aka kadi patta is a very popular seasoning for food. But many of us discard it without eating it, which is a waste since it has an abundance of nutritional ingredients that can be beneficial to your heart, hair and skin among other things.

  1. It can protect you against anemia.

    Anemia happens when you don’t have enough iron in your blood and when your body cannot absorb and use the iron. Folic acid is needed because it is responsible for the body being able to absorb iron. Curry leaves have both iron and folic acid in abundance which makes it great against anemia. Helpful tip: For those with anemia, we recommend you consume a date with two curry leaves before eating anything when you wake up.

  2. It can provide protection for your liver.

    Consume these leaves if you either drink a lot of alcohol, eat a lot fish, or do anything else that’s bad for your liver. A research has discovered that curry leaves can provide protection from oxidative stress and dangerous toxins. Since it has strong anti-oxidant properties, and vitamins A and C, curry leaves offers more than protection. It can also provide stimulation for the liver to function better. Helpful hint: Heat a spoon of ghee and mix in the juice from a cup of curry leaves, a bit of sugar and black pepper (powder and fresh). Heat this a bit,

  3. It can help regulate your blood sugar.

    A research discovered that kadi patta can help in lowering blood sugar levels as it has an effect on insulin. Fiber also has a big part in regulating blood sugar. The leaves also make digesting food more efficient which can change the way your body absorbs fat.
    This can aid in weight-loss, which is very important to people who are obese and diabetic. Helpful hint: Include curry leaves in almost all your meals. Or you could eat them when you have an empty stomach.

  4. It can also provide protection against heart disease.

    A study showed that kadi patta can also lower blood cholesterol and prevent oxidation of cholesterol because of its antioxidants. It also raises the amount of good cholesterol. This protects you from cardiovascular diseases and heart disease.

  5. It can help with digestion.

    Kadi patta is great against indigestion because of its carminative nature. Some people believe that the mild laxative quality of curry leaves can help you expel waste and balance your pitta levels.

  6. It can relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.

    Even as a laxative, kadi patta is still potent against diarrhea. It has an alkaloid that is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, meaning, it can help fight a bum stomach. Kadi patta can also balance the doshas of the body and decrease the pitta in the gut. Helpful hint: When you have diarrhea, crush curry leaves into a ball as small as a berry. Consume it two to three times a day with butter milk.

  7. It can help in the reduction of chemo effects.

    A research discovered that kadi patta can provide protection against the effects of chemo and radio therapy. It protects chromosomes and bone marrow as well as stops free radicals from being produced in the body. And that same research also suggests that kadi patta could also provide protection against cancer itself.

  8. It can reduce congestion in the sinuses.

    Curry leaves are great for relieving the symptoms of cough, sinusitis and chest congestion. It has ingredients that can aid in breaking down and expelling mucous. Helpful hint: A spoonful of kadi patta in powder form mixed with a spoon of honey is enough to provide relief from congestion. Just consume this mixture two times daily.

  9. It provides treatment and can prevent skin infections.

    The anti-oxidants in curry leaves are very potent that they can take care of skin problems such as acne and fungal infections which are a pain and very hard to treat.

  10. It can aid in growing your hair.

    Not only can it stop your hair from turning gray, it can also treat damaged hair, dandruff, and strengthen thin hair. You c an try consuming kadi patta orally or you can rub it on your scalp. Helpful hint: For strengthening hair and fighting dandruff, mix the juice of curry leaves to a hundred milliliters of coconut oil then heat the mixture. When it becomes black, rub it on your head on a regular basis.

Remember, whenever you see kadi patta on your dinner table, think twice before throwing it in the garbage. You may be missing out on all the advantages it has to offer.