Scoliosis is a type of back problem that affects about 2% of the population where mostly young girls are affected. Although boys can have this condition, young girls are more susceptible to them. The problem with scoliosis is that most of the cases are “idiopathic” meaning that the root of the problem is unknown. This is why doing back exercises is highly recommended to help correct musculature to prevent the onset of scoliosis as much as possible.

Which exercises are suitable for scoliosis? Here are a few to get you started.

  • Stretch up and reach down. For this exercise, you should stand against a wall so you won’t bend forward or backward too much. If your left side is feeling a bit tight, raise your left arm upwards so that your hand is pointing towards the ceiling. As you reach your left hand upwards, your right hand should be reaching downwards to give your back a nice stretch. Hold this pose for a few seconds then release. Do this ten times with the exercise being repeated three times a day. You can alternate sides if you are not sure which side is tight.
  • Spine release. This pose is perfect for training your back muscles and your core. To start this exercise, you should lie down on your back on the floor with your arms raised out to your sides and your knees bent toward your chest. While keeping your shoulders and arms pressed on the floor, tilt your knees toward the left and lower them as far as you can go. Make sure that you don’t lift your shoulder blades off the floor as you tilt to one side. Repeat the step on the other side. Keep alternating your twists to help your spine correct itself.
  • Side stretch. Another exercise that you can do when you have scoliosis is the side stretch. First, position yourself against a wall then stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be dangling at your sides. If there is a tightness to your left side, you should raise your left arm overhead and reach towards your right. Your right hand should be placed at your right hip to help you stay balanced. Squeeze your right hip to augment the stretch. Keep reaching towards your right as far as you can go without hurting yourself. Hold this pose for five counts then release. Do the same with your right to give it a nice stretch as well.
  • Yoga. This exercise is highly recommended to those with scoliosis as the movements here are designed to train and strengthen the muscles and bones including the spine. If this is your first time to do yoga, enroll in a yoga clinic to train with a professional. The yogi will be able to show you yoga poses that will help you deal with your scoliosis problem including its symptoms.

Scoliosis doesn’t have to rule your life because you can train your back to go back to its original position. With gentle exercises, you will be able to alleviate back pain while correcting back muscles so that your spine will go back to its normal curvature.